True Italian Translations

We’ve been providing linguistic services to worldwide organizations and individuals since 2004.

Like in any aspect of life, our experience sprung from: constant curiosity, field-work, thorough research and study, trade fairs and conferences and, of course, trial and error. Since easy reading is the ultimate goal we aim for, the ever-present ingredient of our process is simply hard work. Nathaniel Hawthorne once wrote, “Easy reading is damn hard writing”… We can assure you: he was right!

Our strength is incessantly fed by our love for the written word, and our deep knowledge of the translation industry and business supports us in everyday challenges.

At True Italian we believe that a good translator is like a good actor: if the character he plays is believable to the point that audiences are moved by him, the actor will have succeeded in transporting who watches – through body movements, facial expressions and internalised lines – outside of himself and inside the play, or film, in another place, in another time…

A good translation, then, suspends the original text to unveil an accurate version of its message in a code that sounds nothing like the original code (or form). A well concocted formula we like to apply across all genres, to all types of texts, whatever the content.

And it works so well that our clients often receive compliments on their writing skills (!).

Photo by Sabatino Falzarano

About the Founder

Elvira De Rosa is a linguist, translator, editor, copywriter and subtitler living and working in Reims, France.

After completing her studies in Languages and Translation in Italy, where she started working as a translator and proofreader, she moved to Ireland, a land she loves for its rich literature and lively music scene, and worked in the localisation industry there for 15 years.

She specialised in the medical sector, and started working for manufacturers of medical devices. She has always been interested in the philosophies of the East, which led her eventually to have a better knowledge of Western philosophy and also include this subject in her work. Her love of nature and outdoor activities like hiking brought her to study trees and then plants.

Her chosen work languages are English and French (but she speaks a couple more), and she counts among her clients some giants of today’s market for the retail, travel and software industries. In 2014, her passion for cinema and theatre inspired her to study the art of subtitling, and now she also works for British and American media companies on the subtitles of films, documentaries and TV series.